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What is SurfWisely

Empowering the Next Generation of Digital Citizens

SurfWisely offers a unique blend of gamified learning and fundamental cybersecurity awareness, tailored for the curious minds of students and adults alike. We demystify cybersecurity through interactive experiences and real-world scenarios, making learning accessible, enjoyable, and impactful for all.

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Your family, student’s and school’s digital and real life safety is at stake.

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Sharing Personal Information

Recent findings show that over 50% of teenagers have shared personal information online with strangers, increasing the risk of cyber threats. Equip them with the knowledge to navigate safely with SurfWisely.

Impact of Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying affects 1 in 3 children, often leading to serious emotional distress. SurfWisely empowers students with the skills to protect themselves and promote a safer online environment.

Gap in Cybersecurity Education

A staggering 70% of schools report not having a formal cybersecurity curriculum, leaving students vulnerable to digital dangers. SurfWisily fills this critical gap, offering comprehensive, easy-to-understand modules tailored for young learners.

Schools are the #1 target of all ransomware attacks


There are an average of 2 school cyber attacks per day


95% of cyber breaches are avoidable

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Learn the fundamentals of online safety and security through a series of twelve engaging modules aligned to state education and industry standards.

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Safe Browsing

Password Protection

Cloud Security


Data Security


Social Engineering

Unsecured Personal Devices

Social Networking

Unattended Devices

Unsecured Networks


Get your team ready!

Play to learn how to safely surf the web with our interactive sports-themed app.

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Cybersecurity is Game On

Take steps to protect your students, families, and schools against malicious online attacks. It’s easy to get started, and did we mention, you can try it out for free?

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At SurfWisely, we’re changing the game.

Our mission is to democratize cybersecurity education, making it accessible and engaging for all. By integrating the thrill of games with essential cybersecurity concepts, we’re not just teaching; we’re inspiring a new generation to build a safer digital future. Our platform uses sports-themed games to make learning intuitive and enjoyable, ensuring every child can see themselves in a cybersecurity future.

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