Security awareness curriculum to keep your school safe

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Interactive Learning Experiences

Dynamic Video Tutorials

Short, captivating videos introducing cybersecurity concepts using sports analogies, making complex ideas accessible and entertaining.

Sports-Themed Games

Interactive games that simulate cybersecurity challenges, leaderboards that set benchmarks and motivate, allowing students to apply lessons in a fun, competitive environment.

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Personalized Learning Paths

Adaptive Difficulty Levels

Completing SurfWisely modules is designed to be plug and play with little or no adult guidance needed, and the platform adjusts the complexity of content based on the student’s progress, ensuring a tailored learning experience.

Customizable Avatars

Students can create and personalize their avatars, encouraging engagement and representing their journey through a cybersecurity world where they can see themselves as the hero of their own successful story.

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Assessment and Feedback

Real-Time Quizzes

Quick assessments after each module to test understanding, with immediate feedback to reinforce learning and the opportunity to try as many times as needed for students to achieve success and truly learn these important ways of protecting themselves and their communities.

Skill-Based Badges

Earn sports-themed badges for mastering cybersecurity skills and use points to personalize your avatar, motivating students to continue their learning journey.

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Progress Monitoring and Support

Teacher and Parent Dashboards

Comprehensive dashboards for teachers and parents to monitor student progress, engagement levels, competition winners, and areas needing improvement.

Resources to Deepen and Extend Learning

A curated selection of additional resources for students who wish to explore beyond the curriculum, embedded throughout the platform via links to vivid explorations of technical content and real-life insights into IT careers to cultivate interest and planning.

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